Beach Themed 30th Birthday

IMG_6788When my friend Amanda was turning 30, she and her sister asked for my hand in helping to throw a 30th birthday outdoor, beach themed shindig. Of course I couldn’t resist! The party was catered by a super yummy mexican food restaurant in Laguna Beach, CA. As soon as I get the name of the joint, I’ll update here! We had burritos, chimichangas, quesadillas, beans, rice, chips, and salsa.  It was delish!  Of course we also had homemade margaritas (thanks Brooke!), Sangria, and plenty of other bebidas alcoholicas to wet our whistle (and the shark’s!). Amanda’s brother in law Alex did a pretty awesome job on carving that shark if I do say so myself!

Food/Drink Labels

IMG_6787As I mentioned in another post, I ususally like to make a framed menu for my parties. This particular party warranted something a little different and a little less fancy but cute nonetheless.  The overall color scheme was turquoise, blues, greens, tan, and black. I used turquoise card stock, cut it into 4 in by 8 in  squares, folded it over and added cute beach themed stickers that I purchased at Michaels in the scrap booking aisle.

I used these cards to label the food and beverages:


Sand Bucket Food/Ice Storage

bucketsOn Pinterest, I saw this cute idea! Use sand buckets for ice and food storage. I found a great deal at Michaels and bought approximately 3 turquoise and 3 blue buckets.  We filled them with chips and ice. It worked really well and looked cute and festive!



knettingSadly, I never got around to taking pics of the tablescapes, but here is the type of netting I used. I purchased it at Michaels. I wanted the tables to look pretty and fun! I purchased fish netting, shells, glass candle holders, and sand. I covered the tables with a black tablecloth, cut the netting to size to layer in the center, added the glass candleholders filled with sand and a tea light, and tosssed a few shells on top of the netting. It looked cool and added a nice beachy element to the party.


Fun Straws, Baskets, and Napkins

IMG_6795IMG_6796I purchased the baskets and straws at Michaels. I love, love, love all of the fun new paper straws today! They add a super fun and festive touch to your party and can be purchased online or in party stores.  They are available in just about any pattern/color to match your theme. We used the baskets to hold napkins, plates, and silverwear. I thought Michelle, Amanda’s sister did a super fun job on rolling the napkins up, securing them with twine and a life saver!


30th Birthday BashWhat’s a party without games? Amanda’s sister put together this cute board with pics of her growing up. People had to guess her age in the pictures. The winner with the most correct won a bottle of vino!

IMG_6790We also randomly had a magician show up! How funny right? It worked perfectly. You would have thought I planned it. I’ll never tell!

IMG_6789Someone also brought corn hole and a life size version of Jenga. Nonetheless peeps had a good time. Check this out if you need ideas on fun summer lawn games!


IMG_6784This was Michelle’s idea, which I am sure originated from Pinterest, but it was super cute. Personally, 30 was pretty awesome, but for some people the thought of turning 30 blows. Just fill a basket with Blow Pops, attach a sign, and you are good to go! They made for a good late night snack.


Jello Shots!

IMG_6785Looking for a beach themed jello shot? Make these! Use berry blue jello and add swedish fish. Pretty cute eh? Not sure how to make jello shots? Check this out: Jello Shot Recipes



IMG_6786For dessert we had vanilla cupcakes dusted with crushed nilla wafers (to make it look like sand), topped with an umbrella (so cute right?) and Nutter Butters made to look like flip flops.  Just use a little decorative frosting and add a cute colorful sprinkle at the “toe”. I purchased the frosting and sprinkles  at Michaels.